Progress Report 10.01.2024 – And so the date changes

Hello everyone in the new year! Hope you had a great holiday season!

I did spend some time away from smut as well, but we’re back in action now.

Liz Meru Miru animation

The voices are recorded and finalized, there are some small animation adjustments to make, sound effects to add and we’ll be ready to go. So in a few weeks we should have a nice threesome animation with everyone’s (according to the polls) favourite trio.

I’ll get some previews up soon!

Sol’phie and the Temple of… (redacted)

Now that the queue of smaller projects is nearly completed, I can go back to the main animation featuring Sol’phie and some deep exploration.

It’s still a long way away, but you can check a couple previews below.

December render pack

Who could expect that?! Well, the last month doesn’t have that many renders, but I’ll get you some cool scenes tommorow.

I want to wish you all fantastic January and stay tuned for cool things! 🙂