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Subject Data:

     HE(B)-LZ-19 (Liz)


     186 cm (6’1″)


     70 kg (155lbs)

Subject Species:

     Human Chimera

Subject Age:

    Unknown. As of last update, the subject’s apparent age is in her twenties.


Subject History

Subject acquired from slavers operating out of Al-Nhamli Desert. Subject is a teenage girl originating from the nomadic desert tribes. Tribal history in the region is largely passed via storytelling and thus both myth and history are inextricably linked, however, what is of interest is that many disparate tribes in the region state their origins as the servants or slaves of a dragon or dragons that dwelled in the desert some time ago. While some tribes view the dragons as evil creatures others claim to have inherited their blood and power. This is a likely cause for their constant internecine conflicts. Subject has thus been selected for hybridization experiment LZ-19. Perhaps her bloodline will strengthen prospects of success in this endeavor.

Experiment Data

Hybridization of human host with foreign organic material. Experiment LZ-19 will use subject LZ-19 alongside gene extractions from multiple samples from dead specimens of draconic origin. These samples include:

  • DR-01: Blue dragon egg, embryo stillborn.
  • DR-02: Horn severed from an adult red dragon.
  • DR-03: Vial of dragon blood, preserved.
  • DR-04: Scale sheddings, green dragon.

Experiment will determine whether a human host can be successfully hybridized with the foreign material and if such a hybridization will yield beneficial results pursuant to experiment NM-00.


Experiment Results

Host initially rejected genetic grafts, requiring multiple surgeries. Normal levels of sedative and anesthetic proved insufficient to subdue the subject, leading to damage of lab equipment and the subject itself. After pacification of the subject and subsequent recovery, experiment LZ-19 has proved a partial success.

The subject has lost much of her long term memory, however, the grafting has proved successful and the subject has integrated the grafts into her body. While the extensive scarring during the experiment has not fully healed, subject is now much more resilient to damage than a standard human and exhibits inhuman strength and stamina.

Most interesting of all is that the subject has apparently become hermaphroditic. Perhaps too much of the sample material was of male origin? In any case it opens up intriguing possibilities. Could the subject be bred with a normal human to reproduce the results? 

Addendum 1

Subject will hereafter be referred to as ‘Liz’ as usage of her original name has often led to violent outbursts from the subject due to partially recalled memories. In addition, Nimu has been tasked to ensure Liz is appropriately punished for any such outbursts. Liz’ value for additional experiments cannot be understated and thus she must be kept compliant and in good condition.

Addendum 2

With the addition of some simple enchantments to help keep Liz calm her mood has stabilized greatly. While occasionally she still gets out of hand Nimu is easily able to bring her in line. As a result I have determined it is safe to allow her to roam the grounds and interact with the students. Thus far lab-based experiments regarding Liz’ ability to reproduce have not produced results. It seems like the other HE series experiments she is functionally sterile. Nimu has asked me not to dispose of her like the other subjects. As she is physically quite capable I have made her my assistant and have put her in charge of moving and assembling lab equipment, as well as doing odd jobs around the campus when otherwise unoccupied. The headmaster seems to appreciate having an extra pair of hands cleaning up around here.

Addendum 3 

Liz seems to have made a friend in that Oddmane girl. While I found the situation mildly amusing, on further consideration her nature as beastkin may actually be useful in producing viable offspring. If Oddmane is indeed capable of bearing a child that retains Liz’ traits, those children would be invaluable materials in my current TE series experiments.



Character Bio

Liz has long since forgotten her original name, her homeland, and even the faces of her family. She has been Mahogany’s test subject for eight years, and the original experiments using her as a subject to create a hybrid between a human subject and draconic genetic material took its toll on her both physically and mentally. Left permanently scarred and with amnesia, Liz nevertheless sometimes gets flashes of memory: Flashes that leave her in an uncontrollable fury that targets the man who inflicted all that suffering upon her: Professor Mahogany.

While the experiment to create Liz was not a total success, she has retained the foreign material fused into her body and adapted to it. Moreover the experiment to create her caused her to become a hermaphrodite due to the incorporation of male draconic genes into her body. Mahogany has thus spent several years using Liz in ‘breeding experiments’ to attempt to produce viable offspring that retain her genetic traits, however, this has thus far proved unsuccessful.

Through the use of enchantments to keep Liz sedated and the threat of Nimu bringing her forcibly into line, Liz has largely been compliant for the last several years and, as a result of Nimu favouring her, has been allowed some freedoms otherwise not permitted for Mahogany’s subjects. She’s officially titled as his assistant though she mostly does odd jobs around the school such as cleaning and tending the stables.

Liz’ personality is normally docile and subservient, treating both staff and students with deference due to a mix of the enchantments placed on her and her fear of arousing the ire of Nimu who is tasked with keeping an eye on her. Liz is often avoided by the students because of her unnatural appearance, her scars, and the rumors about her around the school. Thus Liz quickly becomes fond of any of the students that treat her kindly. When too distracted to worry about the looming threat of Mahogany and Nimu, Liz becomes much more assertive and dominant, though she retains her friendly demeanor even if she can perhaps be a bit too forceful unintentionally.


Sexual Characteristics

Liz is a hermaphrodite as a result of the experiments that created her. She sports a draconic hemipene, with each shaft covered in ridges and terminating in a bulb at the base of the shaft that serves as a ‘plug’ of sorts, though unlike a canid knot it does not swell during orgasm.

Liz testes are internal and she does produce potentially viable sperm, however, no one to date has been successfully impregnated by Liz. Due to her nature as a chimera Liz cannot naturally sustain a full erection. Her shafts tend to start out at a size above-average for a human and continue to grow larger as she sustains her arousal, even growing larger after an orgasm, rather than softening. However, before Liz can reach her theoretical maximum size, she will be unable to stay conscious due to lack of blood flow and pass out. In addition to an increase in size, the additional blood flow increases her output of cum, making it proportional to her current genital size. Liz’ maximum documented output is 10 litres total.

Since having become a hermaphrodite Liz shows a marked preference for using her male set of genitals when given the option. Her pussy is largely unchanged from a human one, though due to her increased muscle density and strength she is extremely tight and can exert a lot of pressure if she clamps down.