Progress Report 10.06.2024 – Prepare your a…

Hello everyone, hope you’re doing great and the weather is nice! Time for the montly update.

Temple of Coom

Below you can see some more previews, this time things escalated and Sol’phie is introduced to some real deal tentacles and she won’t be able to sit for a while after this treatment!

I was able to fix some of the technical issues and improve the crashing situation. Also I did some nice progress on the animation itself. Roughly 80% of the animation is done (from the animation standpoint, not counting rendering and audio), I hope to get it to 100% in the next couple weeks, and then we can send it over to audio guy and start rendering the final version. It will be 15 minutes something in length, very content packed.

I will keep you updated and post more previews as we go.

I am streaming some of the animation process, if you’re interested, I always post stream notifications on twitter:

Poll results

Thank you for the participation in the last month’s polls. As mentioned, they don’t decide the direction of the content, but definitely influence it. As the Sol’phie animation is being rendered and finalized, I’ll work on a short and fun animation based on your choices 🙂

Render pack

We have some really cool image renders this month, many of them requested by Discord peeps, I’ll post the pack tommorow!

I wish you all the best in June and thank you for your support and patience. I’m working hard 🙂