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Character Name:



     168 cm 




     Snow grey




     Spirit (zev)


Meru, together with her sister Miru, were both Zev priestesses in the times long gone. Not much is known about the circumstances in which they became ancestral spirits, protecting the future generations of Zev from the Deepwood.

Maybe the sisters will share their story one day.

Year 1261 (6 years ago)

For years Meru was engulfed in a half-slumber in spirit realm, occasionally answering the prayers of the Deepwood beastkin, until one day, to her own surprise, she was summoned. And not just called as a spirit, but materialized in a physical form.

Zev are typically not proficient in mana manipulation, and rarely possess magical abilities to perform material summoning. Meru was even more surprised at the fact that the summoner was just a young untrained girl, R’Shiru Oddmane. 

Year 1267 (CURRENT)

With R’Shiru enrolled into the Academy of Kriterra, both Meru and Miru are often summoned as part of her magic curriculum. Meru thoroughly enjoys having a immortal physical body, letting her test the limits like she couldn’t in her original one.

Meru can use relatively potent destruction magic, however she prefers to solve conflict in a more peaceful and exciting ways. Her frivolous nature is one of the reasons that R’Shiru is looking to capture a more powerful battle familiar.