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Character Name:

     R’Shiru Oddmane


     159cm (5′ 2″)


     50kg (110lbs)


     Tricolor (Black/Blonde/Red)


     Heterochromia (Blue/Green)


     Zev (Beastkin)


R’Shiru Oddmane was born the daughter of a high priest, and thus enjoyed a life of special privilege amongst the Brighthearth tribe. Moreover, it was determined that when she was born that she had not one but two guardian spirits, an extremely rare occurrence that was a sign of greatness-to-be in the child.

Between the promises of her greatness-to-be and her tribe spoiling her, it was only natural that R’Shiru’s ego became overly inflated and she rapidly became a brat, using her position to bully other children and even adults in her village. R’shiru also slacked off on her training, failing to really do anything to develop her natural abilities, thinking that they would just come naturally to her and that she shouldn’t have to put in work for anything.

It was fortuitous, then, that Shay, then a professor at the Academy of Kriterra, came to visit Brighthearth. He wished to study the Zev’s traits and their ‘guardian spirits’ to determine if they truly existed, or if their priests and shamans were simply summoning astral creatures as any other summoner does. Shay could sense the potential R’Shiru had for magic, it was much greater than anyone else in her village, and offered to take R’Shiru to the academy to tutor her. This would allow Shay to study her guardian spirits at length, and in exchange R’Shiru would learn some discipline.

Thus, R’Shiru became a student of the Academy, unwilling though she may have been at first. Still, it was only because of this that she became able to manifest Miru and Meru, her guardian spirits, and while she’s still pigheaded and arrogant at times, R’Shiru has grown a lot since she had first arrived.



R’Shiru is a curious, driven girl often hamstrung by her own pride and confidence. She hates admitting she was wrong, or that she can’t accomplish some goal or another, which often gets her into trouble when she refuses to ask for help or say she doesn’t know how to do something. R’Shiru’s long-standing grudge with Mahogany was caused by this behavior, because Professor Mahogany would exploit R’Shiru’s ego to make her humiliate herself in class due to her weak proficiency in most types of magic. While R’Shiru is often the source of her own troubles, she also works hard to improve herself, even if part of that driving force is just to rub it in the faces of those who mocked her. R’Shiru is often distracted by her curiosity or whims, having a hard time focusing on tasks if something else has caught her attention. As she’s gotten older these distractions are usually sexual in nature, her Zev libido often getting the better of her.


R’Shiru’s proficiency for summoning magic is exceptional, allowing her to maintain a constant bond with multiple familiars and even keep her two guardian spirits, Meru and Miru, summoned with seemingly little effort. R’Shiru’s ability in summoning is so great it is likely that she could bond even powerful monsters as her familiars if she so desired. This prodigious ability comes at a cost, however, as R’Shiru’s ability in other schools of magic is far weaker than other students of her age and ability. While she can still perform basic spells in schools such as evocation, she finds it very taxing, and advanced spells are simply beyond her ability. 

These limitations frustrate R’Shiru endlessly, and she’s always looking for ways to improve her magic, though this usually takes the form of ill-fated shortcuts instead of studying.



Compared to her familiars, R’Shiru is more reserved sexually, though that hardly means she’s prudish. R’Shiru tends to prefer masturbating, using her hands or a conjured ‘dildo’ to play with herself, rather than looking for partners, and this is usually how she’ll handle her desires. When she is with a partner, R’Shiru generally prefers to be on top and control the pace. R’Shiru prefers it when sex doesn’t cause her discomfort or pain, so she prefers her toys (or partners) on the large side, without being so large as to be difficult for her to take. Her typical dildo is around 20cm (8″) long and 5cm (2″) in diameter.


R’Shiru has the ability to bond to and summon multiple familiars, which is very rare amongst summoners. In R’Shiru’s case, she has had two guardian spirits bonded to her since her birth, Meru and Miru. According to the their own accounts, they are R’Shiru’s ancestors, and were previously priestesses of the Brighthearth themselves, though that cannot be independently verified.



Meru is skilled at various schools of magic and, when summoned, can augment R’Shiru’s otherwise limited magical abilities with her own. It is rare, however, for Meru to exert much effort on anything, even when asked to by R’Shiru. She’s hedonistic and lazy and enjoys teasing and aggravating both R’Shiru and her “sister” Miru. Meru is something of a switch, easily taking a role either as dominant or submissive depending on her partner. She does, after all, just want to have fun. In the end, though, it’s uncommon for any partner to last long enough to truly satisfy Meru’s apparently endless libido.


Miru’s small body belies her physical strength and toughness. While she has some basic skill with magic, Miru often uses what she does know to augment her physical abilities further. Miru’s personality is loud and bratty, often acting as a contrarian merely for the sake of it. This is exhibited most clearly in her sexual preferences, where she will often struggle and protest if her partner does anything on their own volition, yet in most cases she could easily overpower them if she actually wanted them to stop. In the end it would seem Miru enjoys being pushed down and treated roughly, though she will often act in a dominant role in order to provoke her partner into roughly taking her.




R’Shiru has a great deal of respect for headmaster Shay, both because of his abilities and because of his abilities and because of his kind and encouraging nature. Despite her bratty attitude and difficulty in some of her studies, Shay has always encouraged R’Shiru in one way or another to achieve the potential he sees in her. While R’Shiru trusts Shay a great deal, her pride doesn’t allow her to rely much on him, and she often tries to solve problems herself, even when it’s ill advised, such as her ongoing feud with Mahogany.


R’Shiru has a long history of mutual antagonism with professor Mahogany. This relationship originated in R’Shiru’s dislike for Mahogany’s personality and the way he treated her for being Shay’s ‘pet project’ (emphasis on ‘pet’). R’Shiru, unwilling to just stomach such treatment began to play pranks on Mahogany, which only furthered his resentment, and both because increasingly bitter towards eachother, culminating in an event during class where R’Shiru, having made a mistake with her ingredient selection for potions class, was forced to drink her failed concoction by Mahogany. The potion, meant to cause cell growth for healing, instead made hair grow all over R’Shiru’s body, turning her into a mess of shaggy fur. Mahogany then viciously mocked her about how it wasn’t the full moon yet, causing most of the class to join in until R’Shiru fled out of embarrassment. While Mahogany was reprimanded for this by Shay, the two maintain a bitter resentment for eachother and R’Shiru has vowed to get revenge.


Meru treats R’Shiru like something of a little sister, rather than her master. Indeed, she only uses the term in mocking tones, though it’s clear Meru does care for R’Shiru quite a bit. Her way of showing that care isn’t always appropriate, but in Meru’s mind all that she does is simply to teach R’Shiru the skills she’ll need in life. Well, that and try to get her to loosen up a bit, both figuratively and literally.


Miru, on the other hand, is more obedient with R’Shiru when it comes to following orders, though she’ll certainly make herself known if she disagrees with anything she’s asked to do. She also tends to treat R’Shiru like a little sister at times, but perhaps in spite of her own sister she tries to do so in a more nurturing way. This often comes across strangely, however, since Miru is both smaller and younger looking than R’Shiru.


Tilly has been R’Shiru’s roommate in the dorm for the last two years, and the two of them get along well, often getting involved in each other’s schemes to help out, or just watch the mess that unfolds when something goes wrong. Tilly and R’Shiru also have a mutually beneficial relationship when it comes to R’Shiru’s libido, since the succubus can use her abilities to help calm R’Shiru down while getting a good ‘meal’ out of it in the process.


R’Shiru hadn’t paid much attention to Liz around the school grounds until recently, but sees the unusual woman as an opportunity to get information on Mahogany and access to the professor’s secrets.