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Character Name:

     Eleonore von Altaire


     157 cm (5’2″)


     53 kg 




     Light blue





The von Altaire dynasty is a well known and well connected merchant family within the Empire of Kriterra, with members owning and operating various business ventures across the continent and overseas. Eleonore’s father, Liber, is responsible for several ‘labor importing’ businesses bringing Zev tribespeople to Kriterra. Eleonore, being the eldest child in her family, is always sure to explain just how important her father is to anyone willing to listen. The heiress has been spoiled since childhood, with servants instructed to attend her whims. This came at the cost of time with her parents, who were often busy with the demands of business or high society. While her father always treated her like a princess, the fact of the matter is he wasn’t around very often.

Growing up this way, Eleonore developed a need for attention and she didn’t particularly care how she got it. While living at home she had servants who would listen to everything she had to say and carry out her instructions and demands. If they didn’t she would threaten to have them punished, or fired. She certainly made no friends amongst the staff of her home. Whenever her parents would bring her to social events to show her off there would always be a number of socialites praising her beauty and grace. She had many potential suitors both because of her looks and because of families seeking political alliances.

And then Eleonore was sent to school.

It was quite normal, of course, for wealthy nobles to send their sons and daughters to the Academy of Kriterra to learn. It was a prestigious academy of magic, but it also taught more mundane classes. Eleonore wasn’t even opposed to going, at least not at first. It was simply a culture shock when she arrived and didn’t have a constant gaggle of followers and hangers-on praising her at all times. It wasn’t something she particularly liked.

Luckily she did have a few servants with her. O’rn, a Zev man, was to serve as her protector and manservant. Carry her luggage, fetch her things,and ensure her safety. She also was allowed to bring her favorite maid along to prepare her meals and snacks. Still, she felt lonely and unfulfilled for quite some time, she even sent letters to her father saying how lonely she was but the replies simply said he knew that she was a smart and resourceful girl who would do well at the Academy.

In the end, Eleonore did find a way to deal with her need for attention: She simply acted out. She used her beauty and status to gather a group of student hangers-on and used her clique to bully and belittle anyone who annoyed or bothered her. When she got bored she would come up with absurd challenges for them to overcome in order to get back in her good graces. As she got older these acts would sometimes take on a sexual twist, having boys worship her just for the chance at seeing her naked. She even had O’rn wrapped around her finger in a similar way, though perhaps the man was always into that sort of thing. He certainly seems to have taken to wearing a collar far too well.


Eleonore is conceited, arrogant, and self-centered. She cares very little for anything other than her own entertainment, though inside she’s a vulnerable and lonely person who struggles to make any real connections with people. She can’t help but think anyone who treats her with genuine kindness is simply doing it because they want something from her or her family, which has made it difficult for her to make any real friends. Instead she has followers, not equals. The only person who she might genuinely care for, albeit in a very dysfunctional way, is her manservant O’rn


Eleonore lacks any real magical ability and is unable to cast even the most basic of cantrips.




O’rn is a plains Zev man who Eleonore’s father had hand picked to serve her. She always did want a horse, he joked, as he presented the man to her. O’rn has a surprisingly calm and even temperament, especially given his circumstances as what amounts to a slave. As Eleonore would be going away soon he thought it best she have someone who can protect her while she’s away from home. Over the years, Eleonore has grown closer to O’rn, though not in the traditional sense. At first he was simply a servant who would carry her things (or her, if she was sufficiently tired), but now he was more of a slave to her in the BDSM sense of the word. For what it’s worth, O’rn really doesn’t seem to mind it, and he’s probably the closest thing Eleonore has to an actual friend.


Eleonore has a group of children from other noble families that follow her around hoping to get into her good graces. Most of these students are from the general studies program, which are the classes Eleonore attends, but due to her beauty she’s attracted attention from some of R’shiru’s classmates as well. Eleonore treats most of these boys (and girls) as a means for entertainment by having them do embarrassing, dangerous, or obscene things for her amusement.