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Elemental Spirits are creatures that, in the modern day, are exceedingly hard to find. From surviving records and myths it can be inferred they were relatively common in the age of myth, and were said to be the children of various gods who, themselves, were the children of Vaira. Elemental Spirits can take on many shapes and forms and are often associated with different aspects of nature, though they can also represent more abstract or modern concepts such as ‘happiness’ or ‘wealth’. Across both Kriterra and Apteros there are temple ruins devoted to various spirits that were thought to be guardians or local demigods, however these beings themselves seem to be largely absent. The High Elves supposedly maintain contact with the guardian fae spirits of the forest and the Dwarves are said to be descended from spirits of Earth, but as to where the majority of these spirits have gone, none can truly say. Perhaps they simply left.