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Werebeasts categorize a large variety of ‘humanoid monsters’ such as werewolves, minotaurs, berserkers, treemen, and so on. As a result of their diversity, this term serves more as a catchall than a true classification. There are many theories regarding the origins of different werebeasts. For example the werewolf has several competing theories as to its origin. Legends state that werewolves and other werebeasts are humans or elves who were cursed by the goddess Vaira and can spread their curse by biting another individual. Another theory states that they are a long-lost and feral Zev tribe that has regressed into a beastial state. Yet another theory concludes that werewolves were created by a magical experiment in the Age of Myth which has gone on to reproduce. Other werebeasts have similarly conflicting theories on their own origins, from plants infused with life by an elemental spirit to the result of mana corruption. The major commonality between all Werebeasts, however, is a sensitivity to magic and mana and a greater intelligence, or perhaps cunning, than ‘normal’ animals.