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Character Name:



     162cm (Succubus), 129cm (Cursed)


     53KG (succubus), 30KG (CURSED) 


     Black (succubus), White (cursed)


     Black and red





Tiloucia was once the favourite of the Demon Lord in Hellgate, serving as his right hand. She served as the instructor for young succubi, training each generation of female demons to seduce males of all races and shapes in order to drain their mana in the most pleasurable way possible for both participants.

Until the Accident…

Tiloucia did the unthinkable, the forbidden, the taboo. The Demon Lord went into a rage and put a curse on her. A punishment tailored to her very nature as a succubus. From this day onwards, whenever Tiloucia gets aroused (which is nearly constant for a succubus), her voluptuous body shrinks to a mere shell of itself, losing all of its appeal and making it nigh impossible to service more gifted males.


In search of a cure, Tiloucia ended up in Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry of Kriterra. Albert Mahogany, professor of biology and alchemy, was able to procure some countermeasures for the curse. A potion would stop the curse, albeit only temporarily.

Until a permament solution is found, Tiloucia decided to stay at the academy, allowing Mahogany to study her succubus magic and messing with the students. She took a particular interest in R’Shiru Oddmane, her roommate in the dormitories.