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Character Name:



     70 cm


     14 kg 






     Elemental Spirit



Lillya, the Fairy of Prosperity, is one of the seven fairy guardians. For many years Lillya watched over the peaceful elven village of Viel, a small settlement north of the Imperial City of Eliorecia. Like all fairies Lillya is attracted to magic, and found herself enamored by the long-eared folk. Lillya decided to take up residence in the village, bringing her blessing of Wealth to it in the process. The fairy formed a strong bond with Aeruvien Siriaelica d’ath Vriel, a young high-elf girl with great reserves of mana.

In the year 1262 Lillya’s peaceful life in Viel was shattered. A sudden attack by slavers and bandits left most of the inhabitants dead or in chains. Female elves fetch particularly high prices on slave markets due to their everlasting beauty, and Aeruvien was one of those taken prisoner.

Lillya had escaped the destruction of the village by taking flight. While fairies are mercurial, selfish creatures, Lillya had grown very fond of Eru during her stay in the village. Thus, Lillya sets out on a journey to find and rescue her friend, and she may just have picked up her trail…

To be continued…