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     148 cm (4’10”)


     45 kg 









Sol’phie is one of the so-called ‘Arena Children’ of the Great City of Nham. Her mother was a Zev warrior from the plains who took part in contests in the arena looking for a worthy male that would provide her with children. While Sol’s mother did indeed find such a man, the child borne from that relationship was scrawny and weak. In Zev culture such a child would be left to die abandoned, but Sol’phie’s mother would, instead, bring her to her father for him to care for.

The life of an arena fighter is not an easy one, however, and Sol’phie lost her father at a young age. With no one to provide for her, Sol’phie was forced to beg or steal in order to feed herself and it was through this that she would eventually meet her mentor and second father figure, Zeff.

Zeferan Thrass Ssolsti (the Third) was the owner of his own totally legitimate business dealing in antiques and appraisals. However, he also served as a fence for a local group of thieves and explorers known as Lynx’s Eye. Sol’phie had attempted to pick his pocket. She was talented for a grubby waif, and Zeff decided to take her in and introduce her to the group.

Lynx’s Eye would become Sol’phie’s new family, with many ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ willing to teach her tricks of the trade. By the time she was an adolescent, Sol’phie was a skilled thief in her own right, but Zeff would teach her about the other side of his business as well. After all, if you were going to steal something, you should at least know its value.

Sol’phie was an ambitious girl and, rather than rest on her laurels and make a small but comfortable living on burglary and pickpocketing, she was always after a ‘big score’. Many of Zeff’s legitimate customers would pay large sums of money for curios from ruins found across the great desert of Nham, so it stood to reason that were she to find some of her own she’d make a fortune selling them!

Thus Sol’phie graduated from thievery to treasure hunting, though she never entirely gave up the former. Zeff’s customers regularly talked about ruins in the area, some only partially explored, and Sol’phie would investigate them on her own. Her first foray into such a place landed her in a heap of trouble, but she came out of the affair with a few treasures that impressed Zeff. The amount of tentacle eggs she had to push out the next day also impressed him, and cleaning the bathroom afterwards took Sol’phie an entire week.

If anything the encounter (and reward) just made Sol’phie eager to try again, so Zeff would use his own contacts to try and find places Sol’phie could explore. Despite quite a few close calls, Sol’phie’s never managed to get herself into a mess she couldn’t talk or fuck her way out of, and she’s making a comfortable living off her expeditions. Unfortunately she also picked up quite the habit for betting on Arena contestants so it’s rare she holds on to any amount of money for long.


Sol’phie is a boisterous girl, always willing to strike up a conversation, even with a complete stranger. Half the time it’s so she can check their pockets without them noticing, but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t like chatting! Sol’phie is overconfident and impulsive, usually biting off more than she can chew but somehow managing to scrape her way out of any situations she gets herself into. This ‘luck’ can be attributed to her easygoing, liberated personality. If she can’t talk her way out of a situation she’s more than willing to use her body to get out of it. She prefers it when that’s the solution to her problems, as she’s inherited her Zev mother’s libido. Despite her background and though she would deny it were she asked, Sol’phie is fiercely loyal to her adoptive family and would do whatever it took to protect them, if it came down to it. She’d probably rub it in their faces for the rest of their lives afterwards, too.


Sol’phie generally prefers anal sex, not only because she has a sensitive backdoor but because she really hates the idea of getting pregnant, carrying eggs, or any other procreation related risks. Given the nature of most of her sexual encounters she regularly wears a magically charmed patch that covers and protects her from vaginal penetration. In terms of partner preferences, Sol’phie doesn’t really care who she sleeps with as long as they can give her a good, rough lay and, ideally, pump her guts with enough spunk that she can taste it. This gives her an obvious predilection towards fooling around with monsters, but as long as her partner can keep up with her she doesn’t really care what form they come in.


Sol’phie considers Zeff to be her father, even if he’s pretty much the polar opposite of her. She has a deep respect for him, though she doesn’t show it, often teasing him or complaining when he asks her to do things. She acts as if she’s his rebellious teenage daughter, which she may as well be given Zeff’s advanced age compared to Sol’phie.

Sol’phie treats the other members of Lynx’s Eye like older or younger siblings depending on if they joined before or after her, though she probably sleeps with them more than most people would sleep with their siblings. She’s always willing to have some fun or get into trouble with the other members, or help them out when they need it. The other members of the guild are, in return, fond of Sol’phie to greater or lesser extents. It’s a matter of whether they think of her like an annoying little sister or a favorite sibling.