Progress Report 11.05.2024 – Technicalities

Hello everyone, I hope you’re doing absolutely wonderful! I want to share updates regarding next big animation and other stuff. Last month I promised a bigger preview from the Sol’phie animation, unfortunately I ran into technical issues, Blender crashes randomly during rendering, probably due to the heavy size of the scene. I’m trying to solve the issue, however it seems it’s Blender fault, and I’ll need work around that and it’s tedious as heck.

So with that said, it’s obvious to me, that the Sol’phie animation (The Temple of Coom) will take a long time still to complete. With that in mind, I don’t want to just sit here publishing nothing, I need to publish animations to survive.

Therefore, I will do another smaller animation, I won’t give you full control over it, but you can vote who would you like the best be the main focus of it. You can add additional scenario details in the comment! If you’re not sure who is who, there are character pages on my website:

Sorry for the long wait, below are some more renders from Sol’phie animation where she gets introduced to the stage 2 tentacle crew.

April Image Render Pack

We had some cool renders requested by Discord members this month, and I’ll upload the pack tommorow!

The Poll

We held a poll for supporters that will influence the upcoming animation. Stay tuned!

I wish you all a warm May and thank you for your support!