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Character Name:

     Thukkankadôlrabarôlber     Tilatongeteshtângomathistrath



     132 cm (4’4″)


     45 kg 









Like all ‘young’ dwarves, Kadôl spent the first century of her life being tutored by the elders of her family in Orhim on the history of her clan, the accomplishments of her ancestors, and the traditional techniques and skills of her family. Her father comes from a long line of goldsmiths and jewelers while her mother is the second daughter of an accomplished line of smiths.

As she grew up Kadôl learned techniques from both her parents. Unlike most dwarves, however, Kadôl was not satisfied simply trying to match the accomplishments of her ancestors in the same practices they were known for. When she embarked on her Ordraz at the age of two hundred, Kadôl traveled across the world to learn the modern techniques and practices of surface-dwelling society and, in the process, met a clockmaker in Nham whom she learned from in exchange for forging gears and mechanisms using dwarven techniques.

Rather than making clocks and pocket watches, however, Kadôl wished to make something larger and altogether more impressive. This began her journey as a mechanist and given the rarity of such skilled craftsmen on the surface Kadôl lacked anyone to tutor her. Instead she learned primarily through experimentation, making small devices to test her ideas and then scaling them up. She would sell the small devices to fund her work which is how she would one day meet Albert Mahogany.

The professor was a similar innovator in his field of research and while biology and genetics didn’t interest Kadôl much, Mahogany would regularly commission unique and interesting machines from her which not only provided a great deal of funding for her personal projects but also provided interesting work for the dwarf. As such she would eventually take him up on an offer to move to the Academy of Kriterra and work for him full time.

Kadôl is still in the process of perfecting her craft, at least from her perspective, and intends to stay at the Academy until she’s done so, or until the interesting work dries up.


The most notable thing about Kadôl is a trait shared by most dwarves: Her ability to focus on something to the exclusion of everything else. For Kadôl this typically means working on and testing her machines to the point that she won’t even notice someone talking to her without a lot of effort on their part. Kadôl makes her machines simply for the sake of creation, at least when she’s not working on one of Mahogany’s commissions, and typically will make something to see if she can do so. From pumps that can bring water up from the earth foregoing the need for a well to mechanical toy animals that can walk along the ground, Kadôl simply works on whatever strikes her fancy.

As Dwarves don’t need to sleep as long as humans, Kadôl often spends nights in the Academy library for research purposes and, on occasion, takes the time to share meals and conversation with others. She gets along best with those who can understand the intricacies of her craft and her enthusiasm for it, or with people who are similarly driven as they remind her of home.

Kadôl typically prefers to stay indoors, as the open sky of the surface world makes her feel somewhat uncomfortable.

Sexual Preferences

While Kadôl typically works on various kinds of machines there is one thing she regularly returns to: Something to help satisfy her sexual needs. The dwarf has been through several iterations of this machine, from handheld toys to piston-mounted dildos, but she strives to improve the functionality and results of this project whenever she’s not busy with something else.

The reason for this is quite simple: Kadôl discovered a long time ago that most surfacers can’t satisfy her and, like any woman, the dwarf has needs. Surface-dwellers simply don’t have the toughness and stamina of a dwarf, and dwarves put as much effort into sex as they do into any other task. Coupled with the surprising physical strength of dwarves meant sex with surfacers left her unsatisfied and them needing a few weeks to recover from the battering to their hips and the chafing to their privates. Whether it was humans or beastkin, Kadôl simply couldn’t find someone with a dick as thick as a tuna can who could pound her for the better part of twelve hours straight.

While one might think there are plenty of beasts with large enough cocks to overcome the difference in stamina, it simply isn’t true. Kadôl took an exploratory trip to Slime Forest once when she had heard about it. After a few attempts, the creatures of the forest started to avoid her after they’d become stuck or squeezed like an old tube of toothpaste after Kadôl clamped down particularly hard.

Thus, to avoid accidental injury and to ensure she’s not left frustrated and wanting, Kadôl works regularly on a machine to help keep her needs in check. The machine is typically left in one of Mahogany’s labs as it has become quite large with all the features she’s been adding to it. This has led to Kadôl developing progressively more intense modes for the thing, from multi-penetration to electro-stimulation all in an effort to see what can give her the best orgasm.

Of course if the dwarf could ever find a creature or person able to keep up with her she’d be more than happy to take them for a spin too…


Aside from her natural dwarven abilities, Kadôl also learned runesmithing techniques from her parents at a young age. This dwarven technique allows the infusion of mana into mundane objects to give them supernatural properties that don’t require a mage to make use of, unlike magical catalysts and artifacts created by mages on the surface. Most of the machines she’s made for Mahogany make use of this technique in some way to accomplish feats that engineering alone wouldn’t be able to.


Albert Mahogany: Kadôl gets along well with Albert for the simple reason that he reminds her, to an extent, of her home. The man is as driven for his work as any dwarf would be, and that is an aspect that Kadôl greatly respects. She’s not particularly interested in the specifics of his work and doesn’t know all of the morally questionable things he gets up to, but the two of them often have engaging conversations about their subjects of interest and how they can improve the world.

Academy Students

Most of the students know of Kadôl, even if they only see her very rarely. She occasionally helps fix things around the school grounds or in the laboratories, enough that there are rumours about her but little real knowledge. There was one student, years ago, who developed a crush on Kadôl after watching her work but would never tell his peers what happened after he got up the courage to ask her on a date. He was, however, unable to walk for a week afterwards, so his friends thought he must have gotten beaten up for his impudence.

Typical of her race, Kadôl is extremely proficient with Dwarven smithing and engineering techniques.

However, while most Dwarven engineers stay in Orhim under the influence of mana crystal until they get full immunity, and with that – become unaffected by mana and their libidos severely decrease, Kadôl left at the critical peak of her Tempering. While her body is still extremely tough – as Dwarves typically are – her senses are amplified and her arousal is always ridiculously high, even compared to other races.

Currently she is polishing her skills as a blacksmith at Academy of Kriterra, providing cutting edge infrastructure and tools for the facility as her official role. Aside from that, Kadôl interests lie in satisfying her enormous libido and testing the limits of her body, which combined with her love of machines and restraints often lead to long and intense stimulation marathons. A rumour amongst the students says that the smithy building is haunted, as they often hear loud squeals coming from its basement.

It is no surprise that she formed a deal with Albert Mahogany, where she provides equipment for his laboratory, and in turn, she’s being supplied powerful concoctions, enchantments and spells to further push her self-satisfying endeavours.