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Character Name:



     132 cm


     45 kg 










Typical of her race, Kadôl is extremely proficient with Dwarven smithing and engineering techniques.

However, while most Dwarven engineers stay in Orhim under the influence of mana crystal until they get full immunity, and with that – become unaffected by mana and their libidos severely decrease, Kadôl left at the critical peak of her Tempering. While her body is still extremely tough – as Dwarves typically are – her senses are amplified and her arousal is always ridiculously high, even compared to other races.

Currently she is polishing her skills as a blacksmith at Academy of Kriterra, providing cutting edge infrastructure and tools for the facility as her official role. Aside from that, Kadôl interests lie in satisfying her enormous libido and testing the limits of her body, which combined with her love of machines and restraints often lead to long and intense stimulation marathons. A rumour amongst the students says that the smithy building is haunted, as they often hear loud squeals coming from its basement.

It is no surprise that she formed a deal with Albert Mahogany, where she provides equipment for his laboratory, and in turn, she’s being supplied powerful concoctions, enchantments and spells to further push her self-satisfying endeavours.