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Character Name:

    Aeruvien Siriaelica d’ath Vriel                                                  (Eru)










    High Elf


Eru originally hailed from a small elven village in Kriterran territory. While Elves are officially considered citizens of the Kriterran Empire, there is still a good deal of prejudice against the race from the largely human Empire, especially in more rural area, and there are plenty of ‘civilized’ nobles willing to pay a pretty penny for a rare and exotic ‘pet’, legality be damned. With Eru’s village located in a backwater, far from the patrol routes of the Imperial Guard, it was only a matter of time until some enterprising individuals took advantage of the situation.

Having been informed of the village by one of the few merchants that visited the area, a group of bandits and slavers ransacked it, killing those who fought back or wouldn’t make for good slaves and capturing the rest. Eru, like many in her village, was caged and put on display at the markets until she was eventually purchased by a wealthy nobleman.

Eru’s new owner dressed her in fine clothes and fed her well, however he treated her as a plaything, making her wear degrading costumes or service him and his guests sexually whenever he pleased. The rest of her time at her new home Eru would act as a maid. Most of the other servants were humans, and thus Eru was treated poorly even by them, given she was an outsider. She did have a few friends in the serving staff, mostly the few other demi-human girls who would help to teach her some skills that would help her survive. Eru learned how to manipulate her owner to gain some degree of control over her life again and things began to look better for her.

But, one day, Eru was cast aside. Her owner had found a new exotic slave, a demon from across the Flow, one who seemed to exist to serve and fulfill his every fantasy. At first Eru was glad to be all but forgotten, but soon she realized she had been, in some ways, privileged to be her master’s favorite toy. She was moved from the main house to a servant’s quarters and given only the barest necessities. Before long she was cast out from even there as she was sold off yet again.

Still, she had learned her lessons well and, during the journey, had made herself friendly and enticing to the men guarding her caravan, allowing her to spend the trip in relative comfort instead of being locked in a cage. She looked for opportunities to escape and, eventually, one came.

The further south the caravan moved the more often it would be held up by difficulties. An uncommon amount of monsters and beasts were causing trouble on the roads and, while the caravan was well guarded, it would still force a halt every time some beast attacked. The men were getting exhausted with the constant fighting and decided to pause their journey so those injured could recover. A day or two into making camp an armed group of men arrived at dusk, apparently sent to find out what happened to the caravan and why it was so late. During this time Eru had been let out of the cart to tend to the caravan driver’s ‘needs’ and it was at this serendipitous moment that all hell broke loose.

A huge beast made of living wood and vines crashed into the camp like a battering ram, upending the carriage Eru was currently ‘busy’ inside of and knocking her out the still-open door. The sounds of fighting and screaming echoed around Eru as she got to her feet in a daze. Seeing no better opportunity than now to make her escape, Eru swiftly made her way into the brush, escaping into the woods and, in an effort to get as far from the road as possible, she continues to travel further south, into the forests around the Academy of Kriterra known as the Slimy Forest.


Eru was once an innocent girl with a mild personality, the type of girl in her village who never stood out much from the rest. Possessed of neither great beauty or intellect (by elf standards) nor of any great ambition, Eru was destined to spend her life as a background character in someone else’s story, had fate not intervened.

Eru has learned many lessons from her enslavement, but principle of all was adaptability, how to survive at any cost no matter the situation she finds herself in. The kindly merchant who always smiled at her when he arrived in the village was the same man who sold them out to bandits, the man who purchased her for a lifetime’s riches cast her away just as easily. Eru’s scars have earned her a deep distrust of others and a desire, above all, to never be controlled by another person, ever again.


Eru isn’t formally trained in any school of magic, but as a High Elf, Eru has innate magical ability. Many of the greatest magic users of Vaira are elves as a result of this, as focused practice and study can allow them to master a wide variety of arcane arts. There was, however, another, more ancient path. The elves of old would go on journeys and, through the trials they met along the way, would come to learn their own expression of magic fundamentally unique in its practice and application.

While it was thoroughly unintentional, Eru has manifested her abilities as a sorcerer in the same way as her ancient ancestors. Eru has the ability to manipulate magically sensitive creatures by bonding them to her mana, in a similar way a summoner can bind familiars. However, Eru’s ability is magnitudes more powerful, allowing her to form bonds with creatures passively just by being in their presence. Sexual intercourse, as a natural means to exchange mana between living beings, accelerates the process.

While at first Eru’s control over the bonded creatures was weak, her extended time in the mana-rich Slimy Forest in close proximity to the creatures that live there have allowed her to improve and master the technique swiftly. In fact, Eru has become Queen of the creatures of the forest in all but name.


Eru was largely innocent sexually until being forced into a life of slavery. As such sex was generally something negative in her mind, a degrading process by which an owner would force themself onto her. Later it was a means to an end, a way to manipulate others into benefitting herself. It was never an act Eru would seek out in and of itself.

Until her time in the Slimy Forest.

The tentacles Eru now controls are her primary fetish, loving to use them both on herself and anyone else who wanders into the woods. Apart from her tentacles, she likes to be in control and exercise that control over others, often tormenting those who get caught by her ‘babies’ by forcing them into more and more extreme sexual acts or having them serve as seedbeds to birth more tentacle creatures to add to her collection. As a result of her ‘corruption’ she also prefers extreme penetrations and excessive amounts of cum.



Lillya was once Eru’s friend back when Eru still lived in her elven village. They have long been out of contact, Lillya having lost track of where Eru had gone when the village was raided. The fairy has been trying to find Eru ever since, but has so far been unsuccessful. It’s unclear just what Eru would think of Lillya at this point, were the two to ever meet again.