Progress Report 14.05.23 – Slow, but steady

Sorry for the late update, to be honest, I forgot to post it here.

I hope you’re doing great. May is upon us, so there’s a little update time, starting with the big project – the Chapter 4.

Well, I have not much to say other than it’s being worked on. We’re auditioning the voice actresses as we speak and hopefully we can find someone good to take on the role of Sol’phie. Please note that the pictures and scenarios below are not final and will be changed for the final version, they’re test renders. I’m still not sure if we’ll go for the slime for stage one or other type of tentacled creature. Let me know what you think!

Additionally, we have now a backstory for Sol’phie on the website, courtesy of our writer, Pyreaus, so check it out if you’re interested:

As for other stuff, the next client in the Eru’s SPA is Lillya (as decided by Discord poll), so we’ll see what scenario can Eru and Lillya create together in a week or so.

The April Image pack is available for download now.

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I’d like to thank you for the amazing support. I wouldn’t be able to take on big projects like these without it. 🙂