Progress Report 11.02.2024 – The cold and furious

Hello everyone, hope you’re doing great! It’s update time.

Most of January was spent on finalizing the new animation, if you like the Liz, Miru and Meru dynamic, you can check it out here.

Hope you enjoyed it!

chapter 4

Other than that, I’m slowly progressing on the Chapter 4 (we’re dropping the chapter numbers though, so it won’t be called that in the end.

It’s a higher effort than any animations before, I want to make it look nice. With that in mind, it’ll take hella lot of time. Please don’t ask me for ETA’s, I don’t know myself. I’ll post previews from it as we go. 🙂

Other stuff

Since I was finishing up the latest animation, there’s not that much to say, other than I did a quick try at Rebbeca and she’s super cursed, so we tossed her to the bin XD

Hope weather treats you good, spring soon!