Progress Report 09.10.23 – The Cumnado Approaches!

Happy monday gentlemen, new month approached, as such a generic update post is in order. Though not much has changed since the last post I suppose.


SPA7 will be released when we get the sound effects done, so any day now. There’s a few thing to re-render and fix, but that’s a few hours of work at best. Other than that, it’s basically ready to go.

Chapter 4

The past few weeks have been mostly about finishing the SPA7 animation, so there’s not much on that front. All the voice recordings have been finalized and there’s around 4 minutes of base animation completed out of ~15. So that one will take some more time.

Discord Short Animation winner

As I mentioned before, we held a cool little Discord event where the winner entry will be getting animated. The winning thing was Liz, Miru and Meru having fun, so expect a short animation on that front in a few weeks.

September Render Pack

As you’ve come expect, we’ll have another assorted render pack tommorow!

I hope you’re doing great. Thank you for your fantastic support and let me know if you have any feedback (except for “release more animations”, I know, I’m trying). ๐Ÿ™‚